Wednesday, August 13, 2014

echoes in the mind's temple

Reverberating echoes
 Temple walls ring true your sound
Cry out
 Wail to the world
Seek of truth
 Seeker of wisdom
Find the essence in the seed
 Garland of mine
 Whined through my hand
Sweep delusion away

infinite loop

Watch the world revolve
 Hued with past lives
Dreams walk away into their own lives
Words welcome the few to listen
Mistaken identity of falling eyes
Broken Promises left behind
What would you ask if you could go back
Could your small voice hold the tone
Disgust, distrust, destruction
 Behold one brought forth three
Manifested to linger on
Manifested to stay hidden
 deep inside
Pulling strings unknown
Blanket approval
For all done in the most scrupulous perpetuity

moon goddess

Who is the goddess of the moon
Is it the white buffalo maiden
 She holds her hand out to me
  Light glows so pure
Do you hear the quiet water running
 So close to you
Do you hear the waves of wind
 Running its fingers through the trees
What words do your dreams speak
an unspoken truth

unspoken symbols

There are words to speak
 Words left unspoken
 and the words no one shall say
Lost in time they hold all
 They hold nothing
Filled like a cup they draw time
 around them
to them all bends
Falling away, light casts no shadows
To dreams it's symbols are universal

my hope for the future

Pick your future
 Pick again
A thousand million billion lives
More countless than the stars
Hopefully in a few
You will be there
 and it will be a life worth lives

blood, sex, coffee, vision, repeat

Blood and sex
 Coffee and vision
True to the moment
No two moments the same
What words the same
 What words difference
Golden Shackles
 Shine no brighter than steel
Which one you choose matters not
 In the end the scythe comes for us
in the end we return
in the end we begin again

Love of lifetimes

What were those words I meant to say
Time slipped past
 Twenty seconds too late
The time has ended
 The universe has stopped its whisper
All is silent now except the tears
 I fail again and pray
Pray one day to speak words
 When the time is right
You will listen
 You will understand
I love you isn't just a phrase
 I say whenever I can
 I love you is the breaths I count between seeing you
 I love you is all I am
  All I will be
I love you is the silence in between each other
 When we stare in each others eyes
I love you is trying
 Knowing to hold you all those moments
 when you cry
Through life times
I love you stays there
Sometimes buried
Sometimes hidden by clouds
Forever on my soul it is written
I love you Bonnie-Jean

Deceptive love, hide your face

How many words can you speak
 With lips in false smile
Hidden in worlds of words
We walk in a rhythm of things left undone
Things left unsaid


The moon breaks the horizon
 Blue flames flare
Licking away my soul
 Licking away my sanity

All it asks for is ferver
 All is seeks is delirium
  A mind numbing overload
   Sensation and sense
    Mingled tidal wave

Washing the wound of my heart
  Lasting the length of the wave
Crashing down
 Left gaping
  Left gasping
Back to normal
 Back to all you hate

The wind blows the mountain away
 One grain of sand at a time

The waves wash all away
 Nothing left to burn
  Nothing left to break
   Nothing left to feel

In the sandstorm screams
 Silence can be heard
Past all the pain
Past all the noise
Past all the blinding light
Past all the darkness

I stand still
Still in the storm
Still in the waves
Still in the pain
Still I stand

Until the wind blows the mountain away
 One grain of sand at a time


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The end of a world

Words a sustained prayer
 Stretches over the hours
  Over the days
Rising and falling
 Until the book is closed
Bringing the silence of church
 a song has ended
Bringing for a rapture filled space
 Silence still
  Reverberations in my mind
Echos in my bones
 Searching for the conclusion wanted
Resurrecting the world
 Left dead by the author
Eyes closed
 I hide away this world in my mind
preserved and safe

Pen of divinity

A Flood from the heart
 Wretched from the soul
 Driving these words forth
Inconsequential of time and space
 Driven on by any tool
Working forward without pause
 I wait for divine transmission
 whispered across my mind
  Of their own volition

Hidden in hues of tone and symbols
 The knowledge I seek
  Scribed by my own hand
Whisked away on the merriments of life
 The words guide me back
  Always flowing so freely in strife
Slowly I'm dragged down this path
  Insanity and disillusion trail at my sides
 I dare not look back at the aftermath
Shinning before me is a light so true
 The whispers stop suddenly
I have found you

Words of the dreamer

A future and past
 Both Unseen
Smeared in a cosmic jell
Inspiration drives on the dead mind
 Beyond fatigue
  Beyond the time
   When the words are less
Less than strangled thoughts
 Shuffling out at their own pace

Bringing for the word

Half finished recollections
 Left on the tongue of a drunkard
Who bards the tales
 Which no one wishes to hear
Who bids the words to come
 From the tumble of thoughts
Plucked like a mote of dust
 The words are present
The writer only the tool

Through time's doors

Whirlpools looping through infinity
Star light screams of your name
 The current of your life passes through my heart
Dreams and memories
 Stirred awake
The wraths of past
 show their faces
In sunlight
 We see their form
From our past
 Guided out of traps
Lust, sorrow, jealousy

The island of poseidon's daughter

Her voice bubblies with wind chimes
 She dances in the sunlight
Her home is her island
 in the sea of stars
Long have I toiled
 On my ship to reach her
What lengths will I travel
 How far will we drift
Piece of my heart
 I reach for you
  By dreams and day I long for you
Through the haze of consciousness
A hand rushed out to intertwine with mine

Remembrance of a forgotten lover

This person I love
 I cannot forget
This person I loved
 I cannot remember
Map of her body
 A lifetime apart
Souls joined by a second's glance
 We speak of worlds
  With rhyme and melody
To hide the ruin of our mentality
 Whisper in our secret language
Lovers long apart
 We have no words left to speak
Only a hand
 A look
  A caress

Moon light visions

Eruption of contagious visions
 Spark forth what cannot be seen
Speak out to the blind of color
 Blessed is the fortune not seen
From desolation to distortion
 Find your way to the sea

Swim in the eternal night
 Draw forth a breath
  The sea
Burning lungs
 Salty air

Tinged with moonlight rainbows
 walking down the endless expanse
Leave the land of your youth
 Return back to where you once were

So long gone we feel the truth
 It shakes the bones
Shatters our lives
 Bringing the visions into focus

Offering to the maiden of time

Speak your truth
 Time draws thin
  And I have much to whisper

No Need to repeat the past
 No need to hold back from me
I see through your shield
 I stand in silent vigil of your privacy

Come forward shy maiden
 I hold your secrets for you
Treasured beyond all
 I will protect

I will hold in my arms all you are
 Hold tight so my heartbeat flows through you
And you may find peace

The way to new

Stand on the cusp of spring
 Knock once and hear the lions roar
  Knock twice and lamb will guide you

Find your path blocked
 Burn it with the past
Every death brings a birth
 Everything born will die

Change reminds us
 We are the whole
  We are the piece
Never forgotten
 We help leap forward
Guide them into their summer
 So they may rejoice and share
  in the plenty

Where you'll find my standing

Surround the fire in reverent glory
 Feast upon the sacred meal
Witness  to the words whispered
 breath light and sound blended
Speak forth the honest phrase
 to release the wind
  A consecrated place

Graveyard of my mind
 Haunter mist surrounds my feet
  I tread away from the light
Light at my back I see
 My shadow longs from the years

Angels watching
 Silently weeping
Alone stands the lady
 Half way there I look back
Fire still warms my face
 Chasing the chills of the night
I sit still
 In the embrace